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Sports: Football

Super Bowl XLVII: Men In Tights


Sunday Feb 3, 2013 (3pm)



Roxie Theater (Venue Partner)

3117 16th St





Here's a winning venue for you to watch the most popular TV event in the U.S. with all the heckling venom that you, or San Francisco's finest "sports commentators," can muster. All proceeds (from donations and beer) will go to SF Indiefest and the Roxie. This is the only way to walk for you to get it between the uprights of Hip Bay Area Liberal and American Football Fanatic: drunkenly jeering a bunch of men in tights playing a weird game while simultaneously supporting the arts — and, of course, the Niners. Touchdown!!!

Joshua Wyatt, Flavorpill

SF Indiefest says…

Watch and be entertained as our SportsSweater commentators provide unenlightening, hilarious, and probably inaccurate play-by-play for America's favorite couch-festival, the SUPER BOWL!