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SF Indiefest's Roller Disco Party


Friday Feb 15, 2013 (8pm–midnight)


The Women's Building

3543 18th St



$10 / FREE with any SF Indiefest ticket stub

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Each year, SF Indiefest prefaces the invitation to their annual Roller Disco Party with the following warning: "IndieFest not responsible for alcohol-influenced roller skating wipe outs!" That single sentence serves as both an effective disclaimer and an effective selling point, depending on which way you roll. Either way, you can expect the following: intoxicated folk of various skating abilities, on wheels. Tunes courtesy of the roller-disco-tuneage experts at Black Rock Roller Disco. Costumes and wigs. Neat skating tricks. Wipeouts (maybe). Good rose-colored nostalgic happy times for all. Just remember: Beer goggles make it hard to skate in a straight line.

Bonnie Chan, Flavorpill