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City Gems

The Great San Francisco Pillow Fight


Thursday Feb 14, 2013 (6pm)


Justin Herman Plaza

1 Market St





What better way to celebrate Valentine's Day than with "a roll in the sack" with hundreds of total strangers? Whether seeking to vent aggression over a recent break-up or looking to get cozy with a new paramour, everyone loves to pillow talk in flash-mob style. This down 'n dirty, epic pillow fight is now a much-loved annual event. And they say it never snows in San Francisco.

Matt Sussman, Flavorpill

The Great San Francisco Pillow Fight says…

Synthetic pillows work best. They don't open and spew feathers, suffocating everyone around you. Investing in a cheapo pillow case is not a bad idea. It will keep your fluffy weapon in tact longer. Pack light. Bring water. See you there!