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Get Social: Happy Hour

Battle of the Decades


Wednesday Jan 2, 2013 (8pm–2am)



473 Broadway St




“Damn it's not time to stop partying yet. Sometimes you just need a little reset and you can go again. Why not go back in time a little?, say, back into the '80s?, and then every hour just bump it up one decade until you get back to the present and by then everything should be fine again and the party should be back on track. Drinks start at $1 for your "it's only one day after New Year's" attitude. Keep... it... going.”

Joshua Wyatt, Flavorpill

Monroe says…

Here is what to expect: Party starts at 8pm with 80's music and 80's drink prices --- $1 9pm we step it up to 90's muisc with 90's drink prices --- $2 10pm we move into the 2000 but the happy hr continues --- $3 and at 11 we take it to the current top 40, electro, hip-hop and house but leave the drink prices at --- $4