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Breakfast of Champions


Tuesday Jan 1, 2013 (6am)



119 Utah St



$25 at door / $10 - 20 advance

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Space Cowboys is a Clint Eastwood movie from 2000, but around these parts, Space Cowboys is perhaps better known as a longtime Burning Man collective that sets up legendary dance clubs on the playa. You might also know them as the crew behind the annual Ghost Ship Halloween party on Treasure Island. Or maybe you're familiar with their UNIMOG All-Terrain Audio/Visual Assault Vehicle (ATAVAV), the world's largest off-road sound system — essentially a 1970s Mercedes-engineered German military vehicle that has found new purpose as a well-loved party bus. The Space Cowboys' Breakfast of Champions is not for the faint of heart. Beginning at 6am on New Year's Day, it is for New Year's Eve partiers who haven't yet grown weary of drunken crowds, or for early risers who don't mind a little bass n' booze first thing in the morning. Outdoor silent disco, courtesy of Silent Frisco, kicks off at 6am. Put on your dancing shoes and gird yer loins.

Bonnie Chan, Flavorpill

Space Cowboys says…

Over the years the Space Cowboys have developed an international reputation for producing the finest underground events, including the annual Black Rock Hoe Down, Ghost Ship on Treasure Island, SCAM (Space Cowboy AM), Fresh @Shine, SnowFest in Lake Tahoe and Breakfast of Champions; a party beginning at 6am on New Years Day, which has grown into an infamous block party attracting thousands after outgrowing most suitable venues in the city.