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Performing Arts: Discussion

FoundSF: Dissent in San Francisco


Wednesday May 30, 2012 (7:30pm)



CounterPULSE (Venue Partner)

1310 Mission St





San Francisco has always been a bastion of radical thought. From Alexander Berkman's infamous anarchist periodical The Blast to the paroxysmal White Night riots and beyond, the city has become nearly synonymous with progressive political and social unrest. Today, tour through the FoundSF online archive of local historical treasures with Chris Carlsson, who is the guru of our city's progressive history and a founder of CounterPULSE, Shaping San Francisco, and the Critical Mass bike rides. This talk offers an opportunity to explore the past in the present, visiting and discussing historical sites of dissent throughout the city.

Cooper Berkmoyer, Flavorpill

Shaping San Francisco says…

Trace the vital history of political dissent in San Francisco with Chris Carlsson, using our FoundSF collection to connect past movements with today's, with a focus on the anti-nuclear and anti-war movements of the 1970s and 1980s through the today's Occupy movement.