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Dance: Modern

Scott Wells & Dancers: Parkour Deux


Friday May 25, 2012 (8pm)

Saturday May 26, 2012 (8pm)

Sunday May 27, 2012 (8pm)

Friday June 1, 2012 (8pm)

Saturday June 2, 2012 (8pm)

Sunday June 3, 2012



CounterPULSE (Venue Partner)

1310 Mission St



$15 - 22

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Scott Wells' choreography is rooted in over 30 years of personal contact improv experience. Wells has received the Izzie for Outstanding Choreography, as well as the Isadora Duncan Award for Outstanding Choreography, twice. With a style that is captivating and acrobatic, Wells has created performances specifically for boxers and skateboarders, and in his latest work, Parkour Deux, he draws his inspiration from the modern art of urban ninjary, parkour. Come watch seemingly impossible moves, in all directions, pulled off with gracefulness and ease. Wells and his dancers expose a surprising array of what is possible for the range of human movement.

Joshua Wyatt, Flavorpill