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Get Social: Table Tennis

American Tripps: Singin' and Pingin' 2


Friday Dec 21, 2012 (8pm–1am)



Rickshaw Stop (Venue Partner)

155 Fell St


Directions: Fell at Van Ness. Van Ness Muni Stop.




“Ping pong was invented in England a century and a half ago as a kind of fancy parlour game for dinner-glove-wearing aristocrats to play without having to worry about their monocles and/or wigs falling cockeyed (as we can only conjecture, not having been there ourselves). Berlin-style ping pong, on the other hand, throws caution to the wind and invites all paddled competitors to join in an ever-rotating game of table tennis, powered by alcoholic drinks and a sweaty spiral of ponging. American Tripps, a local series of Berlin-style ping pong parties, repeats its popular ping pong and Karaoke party tonight. The Karaoke comes courtesy DJ Purple, who caters to your every urge to break out Michael Jackson or AC/DC (check out his songbook to know which hits you want to rock). This is a night you won't forget — even if you can't remember it.”

Cooper Berkmoyer, Flavorpill

American Tripps says…

The first SINGIN' & PINGIN' was the most fun anyone had ever had in the history of ever, so you're darn right we're doing it again! And we're making it our official holiday party!! DJ Purple ( is an award-winning performer, and his DANCE KARAOKE parties are the stuff of legend. We'll have two ping pong tables for plenty of Berlin-style action, as well as foosball and skeeball in the mezzanine, drink specials, lots of dance floor, karaoke lyrics up on the big screen, and a handful of cozy rickshaws for cuddlin'.