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Film: Double Feature

Peralta Junction's Best Double-Feature Movie Mash-Up Ever


Thursday Nov 29, 2012 (7pm)


Peralta Junction

Mandela Pkwy and West Grand Ave




Curling up on your couch for a movie or two is awesome, but getting to watch movies on a big screen surrounded by a crowd also has it perks. Peralta Junction is giving you a happy fusion with a free double-header! They're trying to keep their movie mash-up selection on the DL, but if you don't remember what a R.O.U.S. is or who Rick Deckard is, look it up and you'll be super stoked. Peralta Junction is closing up soon, so come out while you can!

Joshua Wyatt, Flavorpill

Peralta Junction says…

Well, friends and family... there's more rain on the way, so we've decided to strike the beautiful striped tents before they get soggy wet. This means that the two evenings we'd planned for this week — Movie Night Mash-Up and the Closing Party — have been CANCELED. Once the dust settles, we’ll post information on our web site and here on Facebook about what’s to follow! We're putting out a CALL FOR PHOTOS & VIDEO of the Peralta Junction Project to document and to promote future installations. If you have images, still or moving, that you are willing to share please email: We'd be very appreciative! Heartfelt thanks to all those who participated in a myriad ways. We set out to launch an experiment, to see if an art project could help create a rich, warm, welcoming new community place in West Oakland, and thanks to all of you, it worked. Much love to you and until soon, Peralta Junction