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Opens Wednesday Nov 28, 2012 (5pm)

Nov 28, 2012 – Jan 25, 2013

Wednesdays–Fridays (noon–5pm)


111 Minna Gallery

111 Minna St





One summer, when Traci Griffin was seven, she learned how to swim. She spent so much time in the pool that her blonde hair turned green, so she made herself a wig out of Spanish moss. The next day, she was attacked by the harvest mites that lived in the moss. She came down with a fever, and woke up with a lazy eye. "I like to call my lazy eye a blessing in disguise," Griffin says. "It's why I see the world differently and sometimes without a middle. I failed at describing this to others so I found a camera." Griffin's current photographic exhibit at 111 Minna features disconcertingly symmetrical organic forms that you won't find in nature. Call it artistic vision or call it a different perspective — Griffin certainly has an eye for arresting, surreally beautiful imagery.

Bonnie Chan, Flavorpill

Traci Griffin says…

I've been working on this project on and off for almost 4 years. I read about symmetry in art, which seemed needlessly complicated. I learned that exact symmetry cannot be found in nature and allegedly the concept of symmetry in the universe has tormented famous philosophers for centuries. Perhaps this is why the images are slightly disconcerting. Personally, this project for me is simply about seeing something completely different in something so ordinary. It leaves you with a sense of wonderment and the possibility of a brand new synthesis.