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Come Out and Play Festival


Saturday Nov 17, 2012 (10am–9pm)

Tuesday Nov 27, 2012 (6pm)

Thursday Nov 29, 2012 (6pm)

Saturday Dec 1, 2012 (noon–5pm)

Sunday Dec 2, 2012 (noon–5pm)



SOMArts (Venue Partner)

934 Brannan St





Checkpoints, safe zones, the sound of your own breathing as you engage in a footrace against zombies through dark alleyways — such is the stuff of Journey to the End of the Night, an epic free street game that uses SF's cityscape to engage participants in a real-life suspense flick. Created in 2006 by a trio of urban explorers who call themselves Anti-boredom, Journey was designed in the vein of bike messenger races, parkour, and tag. Participants race through the streets to capture signatures at designated checkpoints, all while using stealth, speed, and wits to avoid being caught by "chasers." The object of the game: making it to the finish alive. Journey is just one of the many street games that you can play in this year's Come Out and Play Festival, a week of free "city-sized games." Maybe you'll opt for Pinkball, Undercover Assassins, Propinquity, or ThirdPerson OuterBody Labyrinth. Join the fun... we dare you. Just don't forget your running shoes.

Bonnie Chan, Flavorpill

Come Out and Play says…

Things kick off with our opening party at SOMArts on November 17. The games at the exhibition will be open to the public until December 19, and we'll have weeknight games of Undercover Assassins on November 27 and Jericho on November 29. And it all culminates in our big weekend festival of games on December 1 and 2, where we'll turn all of SOMA into a playground.