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Art: Happening

Altered Barbie Show Closing Reception


Friday Nov 16, 2012 (7–11pm)


Shotwell 50 Studios

50 Shotwell





Over the last 50 years, Mattel has produced an incredible variety of Barbie dolls, including astronauts, doctors, TV chefs, presidents, and computer programmers. But for some SF artists, this is not enough. In 2003, the Altered Barbie exhibition was launched, and despite the efforts of Mattel's lawyers, the event is still going strong. Artists include LaVonne Sallee, a former Wells Fargo criminal investigator who has tinkered with more than 200 Barbies in her career. LaVonne's signature is Crucified Barbie. She also likes adding nipples. Another favorite is Ruby Pearl, who puts Barbie in dungeon 'n dominatrix scenarios. "I wasn't allowed to play with Barbie when I was little," she explains. "This is what happens!" The show hosts a closing reception party tonight with a live musical performance and one of your last chances to see this year's "only in San Francisco" exhibit (the show closes for good on November 18).

Neil Stevenson, Flavorpill

Altered Barbie says…

Meet the Artists: Fashion by Tuan Traun and live musical performance by the Ethel Merman Experience! The Broadway diva with the big voice and big hair returns to theAltered Barbie closing night party! with Eddie James on bass and Boom Boom Bow Wow on drums: a new sound, new songs and lots of new energy!