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René Garcia, Jr.: BADASS


Nov 14, 2012 – Feb 1, 2013

Tuesdays–Fridays (11am–5pm)


Project One

251 Rhode Island St




Anyone who's ever scraped sparkle-encrusted clumps of glue from beneath his or her fingernails can tell you that glitter is more than just a Mariah Carey career-implosion: it's the hard-won affirmation of the fabulous. Nobody knows that better than René Garcia, Jr., whose exhibition BADASS currently resides at Project One Gallery. With all the subtlety of an acid trip through a drag queen's shoe closet, Garcia's canvases magnify the voluptuous beauty of pop stars, horror movie monsters, and rock 'n roll.

Meg Hurtado, Flavorpill

Project One says…

Employing a heavy dose of optimism and a penchant for the unquestionably awesome, René exploits proven gimmicks in an earnest attempt to dazzle. In a culture where reproduction is easy and accessible, he makes meticulously handcrafted work that is deliberately unique by design. His work demands interface and panders to the viewer. You might want to touch it. You may even want to lick it.