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Japonize Elephants w/ the Bodice Rippers


Saturday Nov 10, 2012 (7–10pm)


Peralta Junction

Mandela Pkwy and West Grand Ave




How the hell did a crew from Bloomington, Indiana, get to sounding like this?!?! One part gypsy bacchanal, one part satin fiddle folk, one part French circus orchestra on triple shots of espresso, Japonize Elephants are a whole pack of talented musicians who don't miss notes on any one of their 16,000 instruments, and are Ren-and-Stimpy funny when they care to share their narrative lyricism. Playing tonight at West Oakland's Peralta Junction pop-up creative commons to mark the release of their new Mélodie Fantastique album, Japonize Elephants will fill the venue and then some with their exuberant performance.

Joshua Wyatt, Flavorpill

Japonize Elephants says…

With haunting melodies, surf guitar, spy soundtracks, Appalachian fiddling, lush string arrangements, knee-slapping banjo, country ballads, eastern modes, 4-part vocal harmonies, Mariachi flair and a heavy jazz influence, the new Japonize Elephants album is an inimitable take on the modern American experience. Songs about space travel, Publisher's Clearing House, pirates, buses, whiskey, and dancing in the fast lane intermingle with instrumental numbers showcasing highly developed melodic and harmonic vocabularies.