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Oct 12, 2012 – Oct 18, 2012

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To some, the name Deepak Chopra still elicits the image of a self-made self-help guru whose new-age proselytizing remains unfathomable to even the most seasoned students of alternative spirituality. But the fact remains that Chopra got his start as a medical doctor specializing in endocrinology, having taught at institutions like Harvard while also becoming a board-certified physician in multiple states. His impressive range of experience in the medical field is what sets him apart from like-minded contemporaries, particularly because he's witnessed the delicate state between life and death first-hand. But none of this makes Chopra's message any easier to understand — in part, because it's so simple, it's nearly impossible for so-called "ordinary" human beings to comprehend. This paradox is what appears to have prompted Deepak Chopra's son, Gotham Chopra, to "decode" his father's complex teachings within the context of the de facto spirirual master's everyday existence, framed by a charming reliance on quotidian items such as a Blackberry and caffeine. That's why Decoding Deepak is a rare documentary that appeals to anyone, spiritual or otherwise.

Tanja M. Laden, Flavorpill

SnagFilms says…

Journalist and filmmaker Gotham Chopra spends a year traveling the world decoding his father Deepak Chopra, resolving the spiritual icon he is to the world vs. the real man known to his family. What starts as an intimate biopic becomes a deeper plunge into the meaning of identity itself. From devoted disciples that range from Lady Gaga to lost souls searching for themselves in the red rock deserts of Sedona, Gotham begins to paint a raw portrait of his dad that only a son can.