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Parkour is hardcore. The sport where you utilize your body to bound and vault through urban landscapes has been popularized in the opening chase scene of James Bond film Casino Royale and is also performed by the dancers in Madonna's video for "Jump." It was invented in 1988 by French teenagers David Belle and Sébastien Foucan, and the name stems from the French term for a military obstacle course, parcour du combattant. Parkour's obstacle-overcoming discipline may have roots in France, but it's exploding in popularity around the globe. There's even a monthly SF/Berkeley meetup, or "jam," where parkour practitioners (known as traceurs) teach you how to do monkey vaults and cat leaps with fluidity and agility around SFSU, Civic Center, and UC Berkeley. This jam's guaranteed to be off the wall. No, literally.

Andrew Dudley, Flavorpill

SF Parkour says…

The Beginner's Class is geared towards first timers, and lasts 1.5 hours. The emphasis will be on controlled progression and will cover: philosophy of parkour, training, conditioning and safety tips, and basic movements such as vaults, landings and rolls. Taking photos/videos at this session is discouraged. Attendees are also welcome to hang out, continue training or have an open jam after the class ends. Beginners also have the opportunity to get instruction at the Monthly Jams. Remember, classes are always FREE!