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Theatre: Off-Off-Broadway

Radiohole's Inflatable Frankenstein


Jan 5, 2013 – Jan 19, 2013




The Kitchen (Venue Partner)

512 W 19th St




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When last we saw Radiohole they had used their 2009 Spalding Gray Award money to produce Whatever, Heaven Allows (WHA!?), a meta-melodrama inspired by Douglas Sirk's films and Milton's Paradise Lost. The mash-up received its praise and kept the experimental troupe's fanbase satiated. Flash-forward three years (aka: today), and you find the clan debuting their next lo-fi creation, which happens to be about creation, at PS122's almighty COIL Festival. Inflatable Frankenstein brings the spirit of Mary Shelley back to life by chopping up and then stitching back together the novelist's best known work, Frankenstein: or, The Modern Prometheus. But stopping there would be far too bland for this supergroup, so they season in details of Shelley's life story and also appropriate from the more than 100 Frankenstein-themed films in circulation. Giant organs rise, things go pop, and silly putty is fondled in this brain-teasing 60-minute snack. If refreshment is what you seek, soak up this oddity while you can.

Mindy Bond, Flavorpill