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Film: Documentary

Electoral Dysfunction


Sep 21, 2012 – Sep 27, 2012



Quad Cinema

34 W 13th St





Did you know that there is nothing in the Constitution giving us the right to vote? This and other scary truths about our electoral process are explored in this eye-opening and highly entertaining documentary featuring humorist Mo Rocca. Set against the backdrop of the 2008 election, Rocca leads a fact-finding mission that lands him in the great swing state of Indiana. There, he meets two passionate organizers, Republican Dee Dee Benkie and Democrat Mike Marshall, who are busy trying to turn out the vote. His investigation also sees him kicking up dirt on the battle over Voter ID, whether former felons should be able to vote, and ballot design, which Todd Oldham weighs in on. After uncovering a truly broken process, Rocca does end with a hopeful message. If you have any sort of investment in this country, we recommend seeing Electorial Dysfunction.

Mindy Bond, Flavorpill