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Film: Independent

Sleepwalk With Me


Aug 24, 2012 – Nov 13, 2012



IFC Center

323 6th Ave




We adore Mike Birbiglia, or "Birbigs" as he's known around the Internet. Arguably the best storytelling comedian on the scene today, the unassuming funny man's debut feature, which he wrote, co-directed, and stars in, is slowly but surely making its way into theaters. Originally a one-man show and then a book, Sleepwalk With Me the movie is the-more-or-less true story of Birbigs' negotiation between his career, first serious relationship, and bouts with sleepwalking. Produced by Ira "This American Life" Glass and featuring appearances by Lauren Ambrose, David Wain, and Marc Maron, the Sundance Audience Award-winner is hilarious and heartfelt. We hope Birbigs is shown the money; he deserves it.

Mindy Bond, Flavorpill