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Art: Multimedia

Ann Hamilton: the event of a thread


Dec 5, 2012 – Jan 6, 2013



Park Avenue Armory

643 Park Ave




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Internationally acclaimed visual artist Ann Hamilton creates a dream-like immersive experience, complete with pigeons, swings, and text (both spoken and written), specifically for the Drill Hall at the Park Avenue Armory. A massive multimedia installation, the event of the thread is composed of a series of crossings, much like a piece of cloth and its constituent threads. Forty-two swings that power the movement of a large white cloth in the center of the room invite visitors to climb aboard. Other elements of the work include two attendants reading philosophical texts aloud, homing pigeons sitting attentively in cages and a writer trying to put into words what he or she is experiencing. At the end of the day, a vocalist appears in the balcony and serenades the pigeons. Hamilton succeeds in creating a bewitching and surreal universe and hopes it draws attention to the interconnectedness of our actions. We've partnered up with Park Avenue Armory to give you 2 free tickets, enter the giveaway here.

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Park Avenue Armory says…

Visual artist Ann Hamilton combines the ephemeral presence of time with the material tactility for which she is best known to create a large-scale installation for the Wade Thompson Drill Hall, Commissioned by the Armory, the event of a thread references the building's architecture, as well as the individual encounters and congregational gatherings that have animated its rich social history. A multisensory affair, the work draws together readings, sound, and live events within a field of swings that together invite visitors to connect to the action of each other and the work itself, illuminating the experience of the singular and collective body.