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Turn Visits into Customers: Maximize the ROI of Your Traffic-Generation Efforts


Monday Dec 3, 2012 (6–9pm)



General Assembly (Venue Partner)

10 E. 21st St, 4th Floor



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General Assembly says…

 Driving visitors to your website costs money and effort (think what you’ve invested in your SEO, PPC, Facebook ads, Twitter activity, etc.). Your objective should be to maximize the return on that investment. Websites needlessly waste marketing dollars and traffic because they don’t have a structured approach to what they communicate, how they communicate it, and to whom. This class covers the psychology and tactics of converting visitors to customers using free trials, subscriptions, etc. We will learn how to systematically develop test ideas to maximize the results. Unlike the product focus of UX techniques, this class is laser-focused on linear transactions, such as purchases and lead forms.


Student Takeaways:

Heuristic tools for developing the appropriate tactics Process for developing value proposition messaging Persona development to understand customers Best practices in conversion maximization


Prerequisites: You must have a page or conversion funnel to work on. Also, it would be helpful (though not required) to have some experience with digital marketing, especially any conversion optimization methodology (e.g., from Bryan Eisenberg, Tim Ash, Marketing Experiments, WhichTestWon, or Wider Funnel).


Preparation: Please bring 2 readable print copies of what you consider the “problem” page(s) of your website. Also, please complete this form, so that we can prepare a brief set of recommendations for your page: (if we don't get to your page in class, we will provide them in writing or schedule a separate time).