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Jane's Addiction


Saturday Dec 29, 2012 (8pm)



Terminal 5 (Venue Partner)

610 W 56th St


Directions: 1, A, B, C, D at 59th St / Columbus Circle or N,Q,R,W at 57th



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Terminal 5 says…

 The underbelly of Los Angeles is a carnival of freaks, hustlers, miscreants, and street corner visionaries of all kinds. Below the glistening veneer of Hollywood’s lights lies a counter culture driven by escapism. Whether it’s via carnal, mental, physical, chemical, or aural pleasures, the denizens of this quirky court thrive on escape. They hunger for it. They endlessly seek it. They intrinsically need it. Jane’s Addiction’s fourth album, The Great Escape Artist, could only have been born within this realm. Spun through a kaleidoscope of tightly wound riffs, hypnotic harmonies, booming beats, and an unmistakable howl, the record announces the beginning of the next chapter for the alternative rock torchbearers. Jane’s Addiction—Perry Farrell (Vocals) Dave Navarro (Guitars), and Stephen Perkins (Drums)—began working on what would become The Great Escape Artist in 2010. After a highly successful summer tour with Nine Inch Nails, the group had tapped into a majestic chemistry, and they wanted to harness it on their first collection of studio material since 2003’s Strays. Perkins summed up the fire burning at the heart of The Great Escape Artist, “There’s a great momentum that’s building in the band,” he told AOL’s Spinner, “and the positive energy of making new music and being proud of it.”