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Bad Movie Night: Bratz


Saturday Dec 15, 2012 (8–10:30pm)



92YTribeca (Venue Partner)

200 Hudson St




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92YTribeca says…

 Featuring pre-show trivia, prizes, and a slideshow presentation by I Love Bad Movies and running commentary by The Flop House. When the principal’s daughter forces all of her classmates into hyper-specific cliques ("pretzel people," “Disco Dorks,” “kids who dress like dinosaurs”), four unusually stylish teenage girls of slightly varying ethnicities band together to unify the school and perform a bunch of weird songs. Along the way, there’s a deaf kid learning how to DJ, a girl riding an elephant into her comically massive birthday party and the accidental destruction of a statue of Jon Voight. But buried under all this shiny idiocy is a genuinely positive pro-girl message. Apparently “brat-itude” is synonymous with “ultra-competence,” as the Bratz are amazing at everything they do (math, science, freedom fighting), while always celebrating their differences and respecting others. Hey, who dared to smuggle an inspiring civic lesson into this crap? Our promise: watching this teen girl movie won't make you feel like a pervert, unless you totally are. Director: Sean McNamara. 110 min. 2007. DVD.