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Mr. Freedom


Thursday Nov 8, 2012 (7:30pm)



92YTribeca (Venue Partner)

200 Hudson St





92YTribeca says…

Flaherty NYC is pleased to return for an election week extra edition with a special screening of Mr. Freedom, expatriate photographer and filmmaker William Klein’s hilarious, vitriolic and expressionistic adventure farce about a right-wing American superhero turned loose on the streets of Paris. Mr. Freedom is a buffoonish, ubuesque imperialist operative dispatched to France by Dr. Freedom (a televisually disembodied Donald Pleasance) to rendezvous with Marie-Madeleine (Delphine Seyrig) and thwart a communist invasion from Switzerland. Once there he wastes no time establishing a French Freedom corps, including Serge Gainsbourg and Jean-Claude Drouot, while battling Moujik Man, a colossally padded bolshevik, and Red China Man, a giant inflatable dragon. Jonathan Rosenbaum has described Mr. Freedom as “conceivably the most anti-American movie ever made.”