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Music: DJ

on the sly


Thursday Nov 29, 2012 (10pm)



(Le) Poisson Rouge (Venue Partner)

158 Bleecker St





(Le) Poisson Rouge says…

At the Gallery It’s official. On The Sly is turning one, celebrating one, and sipping many on Thursday November 29th. It’s been an amazing year so far and we could not be prouder of the list of talent our brand has presented these last 12 months. As a celebration of all that underground talent, we bring you four top notch acts representing 4 unique scenes within our region. Hesk, coming out of Montreal, may not be a fellow national but he knows what we like. Exhibiting a keen sense of how powerful those higher tempos can be, Hesk is able to whip dance floors into a frenzy with his frenetic yet accessible take on footwork while also luring us to grab that special someone and get low on a sultry tip. Fresh off dates in Belgium, Amsterdam and Paris, Hesk is one to watch as we round the corner into 2013. Next up, our old friend The Range will be visiting again from Providence, RI. His set from OTS January was remarkable, at times near devastating, and his allegiance to the Astro Nautico team keeps him close to our heart. Also hovering around 160, we felt The Range’s lush and layered footwork sounds were the perfect compliment to Heskiboy. With a few releases via Donky Pitch Records, we know he has plenty of new heat in store for the OTS dance floor. As a member of Reconstrvct, Truenature has held down the responsibility of warming up the dance for what has become the seminal Dubstep event in the US. We aren’t talking tearout, we are talking low frequency with decency. However, this guy doesn’t just hover at 140 all day, despite the needs of his event, and so we are happy to invite Truenature through for a set of mostly non-140 business. Expect deep selections, flawless mixing, and some surprise treats if you have only heard him at a Reconstrvct event. The Gold River Show on East Village Radio has turned into one of the most reliable NYC based sources for the best in club music. Hosted by none other than Jerry Jones, his Thursday night show features a who’s who of weekly guests exploring the farthest reaches of the club sound, with one end goal in common; getting down and dirty. Jerry is also one of the minds behind the Full Service party in Bushwick, one of the longer tenured, low end centric events NYC still has left. His late night set will be the perfect come down from all that This will be a workout, not just a celebration. As always, Knomad will be providing the stretch sounds to get you loose, accompany that Goose and celebrate a year of sneaky tings.