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Introduction to Product Management Workshop


Tuesday Nov 27, 2012 (7–9:30pm)

Thursday Nov 29, 2012 (7–9:30pm)



General Assembly (Venue Partner)

10 E. 21st St, 4th Floor



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General Assembly says…

This 2-session workshop series will introduce beginners to the wonderful world of software product management. We’ll discuss best practices for navigating software product development, tools for evaluating the viability of early ideas, and how to create detailed product specs that are developer-ready. Take-home exercises will help students apply these principles to their own work after class.


Session One: Is Your Idea Worth Working On? (11/27)

Break down an idea into its primary parts and assumptions, and critically assess the viability and feasibility of those parts. Gain tools for testing assumptions and gathering supporting data. Build frameworks that help quickly assess the success of current and future products. Find out why a minimum viable product (MVP) is so important and see how to test its basic feature set ID and profile potential users


Session Two: How Product is Built (11/29)

A high-level overview of the entire process of building software, including mobile development Examine various skills and resources required to build software — product, UX, design, development, project management, and QA — and what to expect from each role Learn how the spec and wireframes work together, and how to best organize a spec Determine whether a product has potential before writing a single line of code Decide which features should be part of the MVP and which to leave out