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The Musical Box: the exclusive, authorized by Peter Gabriel, recreation of Genesis


Friday Nov 23, 2012 (7pm)



The Bowery Presents (Venue Partner)



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The Bowery Presents says…

The Musical Box will be performing The Lamb Dies Down on Broadway with all 1,100 orginal slide projections from the '74 - '75 tour!



The Musical Box, the only band in the world to acquire from Peter Gabriel and Genesis the performing rights and access to archives, audio tracks and original slideshow for "The Lamb Lies Down On Broadway", re-stages 25 years later the original concert in painstaking details.


The show, critically acclaimed, is a great success and is produced in some of the most prestigious amphitheaters in the world, such as London's Royal Albert Hall and the Paris' Olympia. In 2005, Phil Collins joined the band on stage in Geneva.


In 2008, Serge Morissette, The Musical Box' artistic director, participated in the re-editing of "The Lamb Lies Down On Broadway" and recreated the original slide show sequence for the DVD version of the album.