Film: Wide Release

Silver Linings Playbook





Angelika Film Center

18 W Houston St




To describe Pat Solatano as slightly unhinged may be an understatement. The leading man in David O. Russell's twisted romantic comedy-drama Silver Linings Playbook, Pat has just been released into the care of his parents following an eight-month stint at a mental hospital. We come to learn that our bipolar hero went ballistic after finding his wife in the shower with another man. Determined to win her back, Pat keeps an eye out for silver linings, takes up jogging and begins catching up on great literature. While on his path to wellness, Pat encounters Tiffany, an unstable harlot recovering from the death of her husband. Their chemistry is immediate, but Pat is steadfast. Bradley Cooper is ferocious as the ex-mental patient, and Jennifer Lawrence takes no prisoners as Tiffany. Rounding out the camp are Robert DeNiro as Pat's OCD dad, Australian actress Jacki Weaver as the crabby snack-making mom, and Chris Tucker. In the land of absurdity and convention, Russell takes this plane down somewhere between The Fighter and I Heart Huckabees. Delirious performances and great fun, we heartily recommend Silver Linings Playbook.

Mindy Bond, Flavorpill