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Film: Video Art

Found Footage Festival


Friday Nov 2, 2012 (7:30pm)


Anthology Film Archives

32 2nd Ave




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The Found Footage Festival has two requirements for their films: "1) Footage must be found on physical format. No YouTube. 2) It has to be unintentionally funny. Whatever it's trying to do, it has to fail miserably at that." They never fail to hit the mark. The Found Footage guys (and viewers) have the fitness instructors, celebrity PSA-ers, and puppeteers of our youth to thank for this triumphant celebration of '80s and '90s VHS culture/hilarious reminder of just how awkward the VHS decades could be.

Dennis Lynch, Flavorpill

Found Footage Fest says…

 The Found Footage Festival is a one-of-a-kind event that showcases footage from videos that were found at garage sales and thrift stores and in warehouses and dumpsters across the country. We watched one thousand hours of this odd and hilarious, often surprising, found treasure. When we emerged, we had distilled a thousand hours of footage into just the most sublime spectacles, intriguing characters, and beguiling, if not insightful, looks into those who lived during the golden days of the VHS dynasty. We had found 90 minutes of needles in a thousand haystacks. We called it Found Footage Festival. (VIA Found Footage Festival)