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Special Event: Volunteer

Little Care Box: Volunteer and Donate


Nov 16, 2012 – Jan 1, 2013



Various NYC locations




Since Hurricane Sandy devastated New York City and its surrounding communities, we at Flavorpill have been so inspired by the many projects motivated New Yorkers have created to raise funds, volunteer, and provide hope to people who have lost so much. The clean-up isn’t done, and one Manhattan creative digital firm—Reindeer Agency—has launched a donation and volunteer based project called Little Care Box. For $35, hard-hit families get a box filled with clean-up supplies (think Home Depot gear) aiding in home and surrounding area clean-up. Reindeer is also harnessing the power of volunteers to assemble and distribute the boxes throughout neighborhoods in need. The agency is giving 100% of proceeds to this effort, and even ensures transparency by posting records of donations on a Tumblr page.

Leah Taylor, Flavorpill