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Big Star: Nothing Can Hurt Me


Saturday Nov 10, 2012 (9:45pm–midnight)


SVA Theater

333 W 23rd St



One of the most important American bands that never got the recognition they deserved in their lifetime. The Memphis band Big Star has been an influence on everybody from R.E.M. to Wilco and The Replacements, and have seen their catalog become more desired in the last decade since the band's song "In The Street" was used as the theme song for "That 70s Show." "Big Star: Nothing Can Hurt Me," the long-awaited documentary on the band, will make its New York debut for the DOC NYC Film Festival. Jody Stephens (last remaining member of Big Star) and John Fry (Ardent Studios founder and Big Star engineer) will both be in attendance at the screening and will participate in a Q&A following the screening along with the filmmakers. 

Jason Diamond, Flavorpill