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Oct 19, 2012 – Nov 3, 2012

Tuesdays–Thursdays (7:30–9:30pm)

Fridays–Saturdays (8:30–10:30pm)

Sundays (3:30–5:30pm)



59E59 Theaters

59 E 59th St




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Ben, Nabile, and Clarissa, three Princeton students on vacation at a summer house in Maine, drop acid after having a threesome and experience the countless possibilities the future holds in store for them. The cast of In the Summer Pavilion are thrillingly versatile, convincingly playing multiple ages and sexualities in each version of their adult lives. By keeping Ben and Nabile's sexuality fluid, the story allows an exploration of all three of the friends ending up as couples with one person always left out. The show is a clever and unpredictable look at the fallout from past intimacy.

John Peacock, Flavorpill