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Transparent Productions Presents PAX217


Monday Feb 18, 2013 (7pm)



House of Blues Anaheim (Venue Partner)

1530 S Disneyland Drive

Downtown Disney

(714) 778-BLUE


$20 / $17.50 advance

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House of Blues Anaheim says…

Against the tide of escapist rage of rock music, the five young men of PAX217 offer a fresh perspective. Their music is as tight a fusion of metal and hip-hop rhythms as anything on the radio today, but their message is what hits home the hardest. And it hits not like a hail of grievances, but rather as a positive instrument for change, for hope. It's a message aptly summed up in a single word, which is appropriately the name of the band's second album on ForeFront Records: Engage. "Most of the time when you think of the word 'engage,' you think of going to battle or going to war," says 24 year-old lead singer and songwriter Dave Tosti. "But there's a bunch of different definitions for it, and one of them is 'to attract and hold the attention of, to win over and involve, to interlock or mesh with someone.' As a band and as people, we're called to embrace other people's lives, and that's what Engage is about. It's about us recognizing the fact that we can affect other people's lives by telling our stories, sharing what God's done and giving people the ability to hope." Remarkably, that's the same goal Tosti had for PAX217 when he first founded the Los Angeles-based group (originally under the simpler moniker PAX, after the Latin word for "peace") nine years ago, when he was only 15. "I think the vision we set forth with from day one is still there," he says. "We want to engage as many people as we can. We don't care who we play for — whether it's 12 year-old kids or 60 year-old granddads. We want to impact people's lives."