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The God Particle Complex


Jan 12, 2013 – Feb 9, 2013

Saturdays (10pm)


Annex at Artworks Theatre

6581 Santa Monica Blvd.


$12 - 15 / $10 advance

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The ever-growing science-geek world-dominance makes its way into theater with another local gem from the Hollywood Fringe Festival. Nothing stops the mind-expanding smart humor and acting in The God Particle Complex, with a minimalist production design that still manages to remain gloriously mirthful. The Annex at Artworks Theatre transforms from a small black box into a kind of supercollider that proves great tales exist anywhere. The story breaks down modern physics in a visually rich and competent manner, leaving even the most science-phobic to not only come to love the subject matter, but laugh about it, too.

Kenneth Hughes, Flavorpill

Annex at Artworks Theatre says…

The God Particle Complex is a tragic one-act science farce about high energy particle physics, time travel, and the abrupt end of our universe. Time comes to a halt on the day we find out there is no Higgs boson. What’s a boson? Where the heck is CERN? Discover all you need to know about the largest scientific apparatus ever built to find the smallest thing ever not found. The Madcaps of Science bring you a unique blend of humor, high science, and low technology in The God Particle Complex. Returning to the Annex at ArtWorks after its brief but popular run during the Hollywood Fringe Festival, 2012. The cast features Andrew Erskine Wheeler, Scott Harris, Brian Allman, JR Reed, Kate Grabau Williams, Elyse Ashton, and the voice of Brian Brophy as the president of CERN.