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Art: Painting & Drawing

Cole Sternberg: strip mall shopping center outlet mall mall of america


Dec 17, 2012 – Feb 8, 2013

Mondays–Fridays (10am–5pm)


Caruso Art

2772 Townsgate Road




Caruso Art says…

In artist Cole Sternberg's ongoing socio-political discussion, Sternberg delves into the idea of consumption as a perceived 'right' of Americans; a 'right' that is perpetuated and celebrated by the media to thus spread like wildfire through the world. The works presented include a conceptual performance, sculpture and gestural painting, which address the vast consumption that surrounds us in a colorful yet ominous manner. Taking place in an upscale strip mall where ladies drive up in their SUVs to get their hair done and shop for jewelry, the gallery becomes part of the performance, further illustrating Sternberg's strong commentary on excessive consumption. Entering strip mall shopping center outlet mall mall of america, viewers approach the gallery where they are greeted by streams of Sternberg's text being projected on the exterior of the exhibition space. The exhibition starts as viewers must pass a baseball player throwing bottles across the space. The shards of glass form a shiny black sculpture as they crash on top of each other in the middle of the room against a black encased room, missing the fourth wall. The viewer will then notice an American flag deconstructed with the multi-platinum rapper T.I.'s line "you can have whatever you like" scribbled on it. Actual silk-screens encrusted in paint and shot with images of Sternberg, dreams and Americana references demonstrate another means of mass production and the artist's views on said production. The sounds, the muted blues, reds, grays and stark black come together to give the viewer an interesting moment to be behind the curtain of a society obsessed with consumption.