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Torafuku isn't just an excellent classic Japanese restaurant, it's also one of the best places in the city to indulge in the pleasures of Wagyu beef, which has recently been reintroduced to the US after an absence of several years. The price of Wagyu beef begins at $100 a pound, and the luxury is well worth it. The meat is a delicacy that's both tender and lean, most likely due to the pampered lifestyle of cattle itself (the cows get massages, long walks, organic foods and beer, and listen to classical music). These traits — along with the fact that Wagyu cows have been bred for centuries to produce well-marbled meat, help make meat that melts at a lower temperature than other types of beef. Wagyu's special characteristics are best displayed when it's very lightly cooked, and at Torafuku, Chef Harikawa's sushi and steak preparations are a culinary delight, especially when prepared so skillfully.

Karin E. Baker, Flavorpill


Chef Harikawa's sushi is a revelation. The beef is very lightly seared, then served atop sushi rice with wasabi and tamari. The Wagyu sushi melts in the mouth similarly to toro, bursting with delicate, clean flavor. Torafuku's Wagyu Steak, grilled over charcoal and topped with ponzu sauce, is also incredibly flavorful and tender. Torafuku's Wagyu Sukiyaki Bowl is seriously tasty – thin Wa