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Yujean Kang

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With an elegant, creative take on Chinese cuisine, Yujean Kang's has been a Pasadena institution for 20 years. Kang was born in Taiwan to restaurateur parents, and while he has a traditional background in Chinese food, he likes to bring a lighter, fresher touch to his dishes. The exquisite four-season dumplings with steamed pork and shrimp siu mai are topped with open compartments with tiny morsels of celery, wood-ear mushrooms, tomato, and egg. They are tiny, colorful works of art. The braised fresh black cod with roasted garlic melts deliciously in the mouth. Meanwhile, the scrumptious Beijing Duck is served in crepes in two ways: the skin with scallions and hoisin sauce, and the interior meat sautéed with silver sprouts. Another flavorful entrée is the braised pork belly with fresh winter bamboo shoots and black mushrooms. Yujean Kang's beer and wine list is better than most Chinese restaurants', with Pinot Noirs, Rieslings, and Belgian ales that pair beautifully with the food. One of the best desserts is the red bean pancake: red-bean paste inside fried spring-roll wrappers with coconut sauce. It's an outstanding and unexpected finish to an unpredictable Chinese meal.

Karin E. Baker, Flavorpill

Yujean Kang says…

Yujean Kang's in Pasadena is considered one of the seminal restaurants of modern Chinese cuisine and has remained one of the most consistently lauded dining destinations in Los Angeles. Continually patronized by locals and foodies alike, the restaurant showcases Kang's impressive talents, unique approach to fine dining, affable staff and approachable yet elegant fare. It's the inventive cuisine, refined wine list, coveted Pasadena location and the approachable feel of the restaurant that makes Yujean Kang's a culinary classic.