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Drago Centro

525 South Flower Street


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Downtown's Drago Centro has a sleek décor, featuring floor-to-ceiling windows, stone walls, and a glass wine cellar in the center of the dining room. Its executive chef Celestino Drago, originally from Sicily, is a culinary conjurer fond of bringing modern twists to classic recipes. Included among his latest specials are dishes created with Skuna Bay salmon, a delicious sustainable craft salmon farmed in the Pacific off of Vancouver Island. It's used in the salmon mosaic, an artful starter made with pesto mousse, fava beans, and ash, while the salmon gelato (yes, really) served with white chocolate and poppy seeds is a delectable surprise. Topnotch service and a serious dedication to high-quality ingredients make Drago Centro one of Downtown's foremost restaurant experiences.

Karin E. Baker, Flavorpill

Drago Centro says…

Chef Celestino Drago introduces his latest concept rediscovering local Italian dishes, which are revisited with the aid of modern cooking techniques and inserted into a modern context. The menu is representative of the cultural diversity of Italy. It emphasizes fresh, high quality ingredients reflecting old flavors that have defined Italian cuisine for centuries.