The Cupid Players: <em>Cupid Has a Heart On: A Musical Guide to Relationships</em>


Cupid Has a Heart On

Saturday 8/30 @ Stage 773

Under the musical direction of Brian Posen, the Cupid Players are now in their tenth year of performing their critically acclaimed open run, Cupid Has a Heart On. If you've never seen this musical sketch-comedy troupe, it's time to take a trip over to their new locale at Stage 773, stat. The seasoned ensemble hits the mark on satirical songs with cunning lyrics focused mostly on relationships, love, and sex. Some of the best moments are silly-fun while bordering on silly-gross: a young lady's erotic love for obscure presidents as well as a closing candlelight vigil with plenty of playful sight gags. And, of course, the funny and maddening differences between the genders are cleverly executed across many scenes. The overall result is love at first sight for any perverse comedy junkie.

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