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An evening with Blake Schwarzenbach


Thursday Feb 7, 2013 (8–9:30pm)



543 Union Street



 Blake Schwarzenbach's career has flourished since the late 1980s, starting with the now iconic band Jawbreaker, into the 90s and early aughts with Jets to Brazil, and then a quiet period for the rest of the 00s. Now it seems that Schwarzenbach can't shake the bug, starting two bands in the last few years (the short lived The Thorns of Life) and now forgetters (which he makes sure to point out is not "The" forgetters, and there is a lowercase "f"). Tonight, Schwarzenbach will take the stage not as a musician, but to talk with writer Maccabee Montandon about his influences and body of work. 

Jason Diamond, Flavorpill