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King Dude/Cult of Youth


Sunday Dec 9, 2012 (9pm–midnight)


Union Pool

484 Union Ave




 It's almost as if King Dude and Cult of Youth know the albums they released this year will end up being placed together on a bunch of Best of 2012 lists, but they just want to make sure everybody remembers how fantastic those records were with one last show together. C.O.Y.'s "Love Will Prevail" and King Dude's "Love" both routinely saw the "neofolk" label tagged to the mostly glowing reviews the two records received, but while Cult of Youth's sound expanded on the latest album, King Dude's LP was a haunting and more stripped down affair. Either way, it's going to be a cold night in Brooklyn, which is the perfect weather for bands like the two billed at Union Pool. 

Jason Diamond, Flavorpill