This event has passed.


Saturday Dec 8, 2012 (8pm–1am)


Saint Vitus 1120 Manhattan Avenue, Brooklyn, NY 11222



“Royal Trux has always been one of those bands that was so right at the wrongest times. Formed in the late 1980s after Neil Hagerty left the iconic noise rock band Pussy Galore, Royal Trux played a weird brand of lo-fi rock that kept in step with grunge and indie contemporaries like Pavement and Nirvana, but also borrowed heavily from 1970s rock. The band gained a following as they kept on putting out weirder and weirder records. They signed with a major label, but were dropped before they could release the third of their three-record deal. The band kept going for a few more years until Haggerty and singer Jennifer Herrema's relationship broke down, eventually breaking up Royal Trux for good. A few years later, dozens of bands labeled lo-fi and garage rock owed their sound to Royal Trux, and the band's popularity has risen once again, culminating with Drag City re-releasing their 1990 album, "Twin Infinitives," as well as this (hopefully not last) show in Brooklyn where they will be playing said album in its entirety. Herrema won't be present, but we'll take what Trux we can get.”

Jason Diamond, Flavorpill