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CHERYL: My Super-Sweet Sweatsuit Semi-Formal


Saturday Dec 29, 2012 (11pm–4am)


The Bell House

149 7th St



$5 before midnight/$10 after

“"The dance party that will ruin your life" returns for some post-Mayan apocalypse/post-Christmas/pre-New Year's Eve insanity where the dress code is, yup, your favorite pair of sweatpants (pajama bottoms also work). Resident DJ Nick spins the music with Friends and Lovers Fake Monkey while you dance like crazy in that pair of first term Bill Clinton-era Zubaz you bought a few years ago at a high priced vintage shop, but never had any reason to actually wear out of the house. The only hope is you don't get that comfortable rocking a ragged pair of sweats thanks to New York's "most insane disco bloodbath."”

Jason Diamond, Flavorpill