Events on Wednesday, December 19


Film: Independent


Wednesday 12/19 @ Nitehawk Cinema

Francine isn't a big film and it will likely not be making any Oscar short lists, but based on the strength... 

Ongoing Events

<em>All That Fall</em>


All That Fall

Wednesday 12/19 @ BAM Fishman Space

The cutting-edge experimental Irish theatre company that exploded Hamlet in The Rehearsal, Playing the Dane and deconstructed Hansel and Gretel with... 

The Big Terrific


The Big Terrific

Wednesday 12/19 @ Cameo Gallery

If the giggles elicited by clowning around with your friends aren't evidence enough, Big Terrific proves that hearty laughs can be... 

<em>The Comedy</em>

Film: Independent

The Comedy

Wednesday 12/19 @ Videology

Rick Alverson's latest film is like a wolf in sheep's clothing. It might be called the Comedy and star comedian Tim... 

The Santa Claus Association

City Gems

The Santa Claus Association

Wednesday 12/19 @ City Reliquary

In the early part of the 20th century, letters to Santa Claus kept ending up in the post office’s Dead Letter...