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City Gems

The Santa Claus Association


Dec 1, 2012 – Feb 10, 2013

Daily (noon–6pm)


City Reliquary

370 Metropolitan Ave.



In the early part of the 20th century, letters to Santa Claus kept ending up in the post office’s Dead Letter Office. Then in 1913, an eccentric New York publicist and Christmas obsessive named John Duvall Gluck Jr. devised a way to answer the wishes, and created the Santa Claus Association. The group’s dozens of volunteers matched each letter to a donor who delivered the child’s Christmas wish — for toys, treats, warm food, or in one case, an artificial limb. The exhibition is based off research done by Gluck’s great grandnephew, and features photos of the group and Gluck processing Santa’s mail, as well as original Santa letters from New York City’s children. 

Jason Diamond, Flavorpill