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Food/Wine: Competition

10th Anniversary Chili Takedown


Sunday Nov 18, 2012 (2pm)


The Bell House

149 7th St





Election season really isn't over until you've cast your ballot for best chili at Matt Timms' infamous takedown. Celebrating ten years of serving up delicious spicy stews made by citizen cooks, this king among fiery food fêtes lets attendees sample some 30-odd entries which sport inspiring names such as El Conquistador, Rock the Casbah and Monte's Sexy Panty-removing Fertility Chili. A few celebrity judges mix and mingle but the big prize is voted on by regular folks like you and me. A no-rules, no-frills assembly of the savory order, a portion of the Takedown's proceeds go to the Women's Education Project.

Mindy Bond, Flavorpill