Events on Monday, October 29

Rebirth Brass Band


Rebirth Brass Band

Monday 10/29 @ Brooklyn Bowl

  Simply put, The Rebirth Brass Band is a New Orleans institution. Formed in 1983 by the now infamous Frazier brothers,... 

Ongoing Events

<em>Brooklyn Close-Up</em>

Film: Festival

Brooklyn Close-Up

Monday 10/29 @ BAM Rose Cinemas

Celebrating nine decades of Brooklyn film history and revealing how filmmakers since the silent era have been inspired by the County... 

caribBeing presents 3rd Annual Flatbush Film Festival: West Indian Edition

Film: Festival

Flatbush Film Festival: caribBeing

Monday 10/29 @ Various cinemas

This year's Flatbush Film Festival showcases classic and contemporary West Indian cinema. For three consecutive weeks, caribBeing presents a vast array... 

Shantell Martin: <em>Continuous Line</em>


Shantell Martin: Continuous Line

Monday 10/29 @ Black & White Gallery

Shantell Martin is a Brooklyn-based, British-born artist who uses a variety of different media: from analog drawing on walls, cars, people,...